Perfect is the enemy of published

I have had my domain name for almost 2 years. I started using it only six months ago.

You might ask why?

Well, I wanted my website to be (at least close to) perfect. Also, there were several things I wanted to do with it but felt the pressure that I should only choose one.

Starting a blog? Dental Portfolio? Web Designer Portfolio?

Eventually, I chose the latter. My website was my designer portfolio.

But sometimes, it felt like I'm hiding a big portion of who I am.

Recently, I came up with the idea of creating a Dental Kid's Academy. I believe that prevention starts with education, and, that every child deserves a healthy smile!

So, after 6 months, I changed the look of my website to better portray who I am. Two important pillars of my life just one click away.

And then, here it is - the beginning of the Blog!

I will (ideally) write one post per week on random subjects.

Sometimes will be stories from my life: Why I changed my career during the pandemic? Why I never ran again after finishing a half-marathon?

Sometimes, my opinions on things I find important: Why choosing your partner is the most important decision you will ever make? Reasons to start your day with a power walk and a healthy breakfast? The importance of learning new skills?

Sometimes, I might share my travel stories, living abroad experiences, recipes, or how-to guides. Or something I couldn't think of right now.

The truth is: I don't know. And that's totally fine. I will just go with the flow.

The most important thing I am incredibly proud of is taking the first step and hit publish!

Because it will never be perfect. We will never be ready. So, what?

Now, please introduce yourself in the comments below, and let me know what would you like to read next!

Welcome to my unstyled world!


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