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Meet me

I am Ivana, Licensed Dentist, and enjoy working with kids.

I love teaching and promoting oral health so that's why I decided to start my dental academy!

Even though my primary focus is on working with kids, my classes can be tailored for the wider population. 

If you are interested in a family or one-on-one class, feel free to contact me.


Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry

Sept, 2012 - Sept, 2018

Attended and participated in numerous dental congresses with a poster presentations and as a part of organization boards.

Student Mobility for Traineeship
Erasmus + Program

Oct, 2017 - Feb, 2018

Spent 5 months working at the University Hospital Center in Rijeka, Croatia where I completed general dentistry rotation in:

endodontic and restorative dentistry, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, periodontology, prosthetic, and oral surgery.

Dr. Ivana Ristova
Dr. Ivana Ristova

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Dr. Ivana Ristova
Dr. Ivana Ristova

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Dr. Ivana Ristova
Dr. Ivana Ristova

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Dr. Ivana Ristova
Dr. Ivana Ristova

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What Do I Teach?

I teach kids (and families) all about oral health:

from why are milky teeth important, through tooth decay, when it's the best time to eat sweets to how to maintain a healthy smile. 

My classes are interactive, with lots of activities and fun.


Mouth & teeth

And why are important?


Healthy tooth foods

And when to eat sweets?



Oral hygiene

And how to brush?


Dental visits

And what to expect?

Plastic Floss

Book a 40 minutes class for your kid(s)

Lesson objectives


  • Open wide: What's inside your mouth?

  • Learn about the importance of brushing your teeth and the proper technique.

  • Distinguish healthy oral foods from unhealthy oral foods and focus on preventing cavities.


Takeaway: toothbrushing chart!

Price: Each class is C$10. 


Thanks for getting in touch!

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