Step 1:

Client Interview

The very first step in the process was an interview with my client Phil Jarvis. We discussed  his values, expectations from the website, target audience, and his aesthetic preferences. Based on his answers, and further research, I created a persona and started painting the website in my head.

Step 2:


After gathering and analyzing information, I started with creating low and high fidelity wireframes. 

Step 3:

UI Design Concept

Once the client was satisfied with the general layout of the website, the design phase went really fast. We chose green as a main color because it makes you think of growth, and Phil's is all about encouraging young people!

Step 4:

Client's Review

We went back and forth with the visuals as Phil was adding new content and new projects as I was designing the website. He was involved throughout the whole process and we had meetings regularly. 

Step 5:

Launch and Tutorial

Because Phil is blogging frequently, in my proposal I included a tutorial at the hands-off to teach him how to do blog posts, and minor changes in the design of his website.

Interested in working together? Contact me at ristovaaa@gmail.com