My Life. My Way.

Hi, I am so glad you came by! 

My name is Ivana, a green-eyed girl who loves life and can find joy in the simplest things. Positively radiant is probably the best compliment I've ever received. Scroll down to learn more about me.

My Pillars. My Passions.

I am a Licensed Dentist and absolutely love what I do!

However, having a more than one career was always appealing to me. That's why I started with Web Design in my free time. When Covid-19 hit the world, I made it info a full-time career. 

Recently, I felt bad for not putting my dental knowledge in use, so I launched my Dental Academy, a place where I share my knowledge and experience mostly with kids by giving them lectures about oral health.

My Thoughts. My Stories.

I will use this space to share with you my stories, thoughts, and points of view, and bring you content that will inspire, motivate and maybe even have you walking away thinking and seeing things in a different way than before you came. 

Hope you'll enjoy and come back often!

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